As you may noticed our shop is getting to be filled with our newest models from the MEADOW STORIES collection. As well at the moment each of items is available only for pre-orders. Why is that you may ask? It is because at the moment we are knitting those models for shops and getting ready for the spring.  We have really big palette of colors, so all early orders will be made in any color you like and you will not have to wait for item to be knit when selling will start.

Usually we do not keep big stock of yarn in our studio, so any special wish for the color may be delayed for the time we need to get yarn from the factory. As well we do not knit and keep knitted items, every item is made to order. This way our closets do not get full with items we do not sell and we fulfill our promise to live green zero waste life.

Soon I will post good quality photos of our color palette! So you can start to dream about all those perfect matching shades!



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