I was really bad in lapelis social life, but step by step our Instagram and Facebook is getting more and more alive.

Lately I was thinking a lot about social media and what should I write or show, should it be only our knitwear photos or should I show glimpses of our daily life. But then I thought about people and brands I am following and I understood that most interesting is not to see fancy photos of new models and collections, but real not polished life (Instagram filters does not count 🙂 ).

I planned to write stories of our daily life but any good story gets better with photo to illustrate it and I have so many things to show. We all are so different and our life stories are so unique what I would be happy not only to share ours, but hear from you, our clients and blog readers. Good things or bad things everything is welcome. It is much easier to live through something bad together or to share joys and be the reason for more smiles.

Be my guest and join us in our journey!

ps. Picture is taken this November  17th and here is part of the road to our land. It was the very first frost we saw this year. We left Vilnius around 8am and magic started. Just outside the city we were crossing bridge trough a river and everything around became like a big white fluffy cloud, it looked like we are flying in the sky. The feeling was very similar to one when the plane goes into the clouds. And when we crossed the valley and ride up to the hill everything around was in crispy white like after one swing of magic wand. And the road was only the begging the land itself looked like from a fairytale, but it is the other story and I will tell it next time.


Frosty morning
Our border collie Pieva (Meadow) enjoying the view


All my best,

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