Finally, it is time to break the silence and let the stories flow.

It was a summer to remember. Personal loses and victories under the blue sky and bright sun. Nature was so mad, spring came with such a warmth and force that summer just had to follow. It was so beautiful, everything bathed in the sunbeams and blossoms. After rainy autumn and heavy gray sky trough all winter it was like a gift for all the winter sadness. Green lullaby for tired and cloudy minds.

This season was full of creativity and nature. Our newest collection MEADOW STORIES was natural, continual synthesis between materials we use and values we declare. As we knit from natural linen yarn: flax, which grows in the fields and is part of nature cycle. It takes what the earth and sky gives and is giving back. It beautifully blossoms and transforms to yarn and our so loved and cherished linen knitwear.


Trough this collection we wanted to share our inspiration and very own hideaway in the nature. It looked that meadows and trees is the most natural place to make photoshoot for this collection.

Take a look and listen to the meadow whisper.



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