As I mentioned before, this blog is going to be about everything and I would like to share my adventures and daily living in the wild. One of the important parts of my life and factors shaping “lapelis” is a beautiful piece of land where I spent 1/4 of the year.

We still live in the city, in the very middle of our capital Vilnius old town, but for a long time we were looking for land in the wild. And we have found our wanderlust, little summer-house by the river surrounded by forest and old oaks growing in the yard.

Here I should stop. I missed one part of the story. So, long story short. First of all we bought another land, which was in the other side of the same river. It was the big piece of meadows land surrounded by the river and forest. There were only wild grasses, flowers and wilderness. It was a crazy year of bush crafting, cutting bushes, cleaning little spring shores, imagining tree houses, sleeping in the jeep at winter. I still remember feeling like the mummy when the only thing in the freezing air was my nose and how long I needed to talk myself into getting up and dress because the morning was so terribly cold. One night for the sleep we choose the same big bush as deer’s decide to choose for their night sleep. We had a computer and were watching movies. Before sleep we decided to open doors and let some fresh air. The same moment big band of deers started to scream (I do not know how else call that wild sound) and run. It was dark in the middle of nowhere and that crazy wild scream at midnight scared the hell out of us. We wanted to get into the wild, so we got it in full. Almost every weekend we were going there, making bonfires, sleeping in a jeep, enjoying nature. But one wet day our jeep stuck in the mud, the battery died and then we real story began.

It is nice to have neighbours, especially good ones. Our neighbour is the inventor and beekeeper Jonas. While it was necessary to go to his home to take battery charger he suggested during the way to visit a beautiful abandoned land with old oaks. It was just on the other side of the river and it was spectacular. You can buy a piece of the land, but you can’t buy such a beautiful trees. Old oaks, birch, ash and lime trees. Everything looked like a fairytale. And we understood that all what we need is this land.

All buying process was long with adventures and worth of another story, but today is not the time.

Today I am sitting in the little wooden house in front of the stove and writing this story. House is on the little hill. From one window I can see our meadows, river, first land, forest and from the other side amazing old oak. We do not have curtains, just big windows into the nature. It is calm here sky full of heavy clouds and it looks like it can start to snow any second. One moment and the autumn turned into the winter.

You may wonder, what does it mean Sofa farm. It is how we named our wild homestead. We have almost 30 hectares of the land in the wilderness and all our “farming” going to be a private forest park, glamping, workshops, Piet Oudolf inspired poetry garden, books, land art, cultural festivals, tree houses, knitwear studio and much more. All stories from our land will be marked as Sofa farm.

If you want to hear more, stay with me and I will tell all the stories.

Ps. I am not a native English speaker and I am very sorry for my mistakes, please let me know if you see any!

One moment is still autumn.
And the other white winter.




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