For our knitwear we use natural linen yarn. This yarn is made from plant – flax. It is beautiful plant with pale blue blossoms. Flax fibers are taken from stem of the plant and are 2-3 times stronger than cotton. Flax fiber is soft, lustrous, and flexible; bundles of fiber have the appearance of blonde hair. What is interesting about natural flax coloUr is that it a lot of depends on the weather. If season was rainy the coloUr would be much darker and look dark grey, but if the growing season was sunny than yarn will look light grey.

Linen is strong, durable and relatively soft material. Yarn itself it does not stretch over time. But knitted clothes after some wearing may feel looser. It happens because of knitwear nature. When you are looking to the knitwear you see big or small eyes depending on the knitwear type. Eyes has flexibility, you can feel it very well on knitted material when is wet, it gets stretchable and eyes can move, so you can form knitwear and make it a bit longer or wider. Big-eyed knitwear can be stretched more than small eyed. The entire secret is in eye size, bigger eyes have bigger holes and size of the holes is reason why you can stretch knitwear.

Linen can be washed in washing machine on hand, silk or wool regime. Do not use tumble dry function and spin setting should be set to low. If you will wash it by hand best way to remove excess water is to roll down knitwear to the towel. Best way to dry it is to make sure that it is stretched to its original form and laid down. If you like your knitwear ironed it is best to be done while knitwear is still damp. You can use hot steam iron. Washed linen may look and feel stiffer but after ironing or body heat it will get back to its original form and softness.

p.s In the picture is our personal linen field.


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