“The magic of family and nature starts here”. This sentence is everything that we are and our label is.

Women of 3 generations: grandmother, daughter and granddaughter inspired by natural linen yarn. lapelis is beautiful Lithuanian word for little leaf. This word reflects us as nature lovers, free spirits and believers in slow and sustainable fashion.

We create functional clothing. We do not focus on seasonal trends we believe that our knitwear should be timeless. We change, grow, try new models, but we do not make one day clothing. Our biggest hope is that clothes from lapelis will be worn as long as possible.

Our knitwear is made from linen yarn, which is made from flax plant, so we use 100% percent natural yarn.

We love to be part of zero-waste movement. It is good to know what after knitting every scarf, sweater or blouse all that is left is few cm of yarn thread. We do no cut details for our knitwear from ready material. We design, count and knit every detail separately. So every part of our clothes are specially made to avoid wasting. Zero waste movement is growing and we are happy to be part of it.


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